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About us


I'm so glad this doen't say About Me. I wouldn't know what to say anyway. I am just a humble servant and friend of God's. God has showed me not to label myself from early on so that He could instruct and bring revelation rather then being taught thru a seminary or denomination. I guess that is what they call non-denominational. By my experience this has been a benefit in many ways. Like keeping my spirit teachable, not giving over to a type of legalism, not being "brain washed" from any one seminary or denomination. God the Holy Spirit is the teacher and final authority on everything. I believe God brought me to do this website to edify the whole body of Christ, mostly though the pastor and spiritual leaders; encouage the low in faith (like myself, we're all in this together),  and to call people back to the ideal Church Body (not church house there is a difference) and the Cross for Salvation and Sanctification.



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